Jiná (The Different)
Trochu klidu (A Bit of Calm)


Karneval (Carnival)
Krysar (The Pied Piper of Hamelin)
Kouzlo (Magic)


Music Magazine 12/2003

... But we could boast about a large variety of top quality domestic classical music delivered by world class performers. Among those undoubtedly belong our opera mezzo-soprano divas Magdalena Kozena and Dagmar Peckova and soprano soloists Eva Urbanova and Martina Kocianova. The above-mentioned divas have set the “crossbar” very high. In this context, we discover a very nice surprise – a debut album of a TV news presenter and soprano soloist Martina Kocianova. Once you get to know that she works in TV and that she also sings classics, you can say: Well, she’s got a nice hobby enjoying it very much, but watch! Martina Kocianova not just loves singing but she is also very good at that! On her album of “Jina” (The Different) she sings arias by Mozart, Händel, Gluck and others. The only things Martina lacks in comparison with the above-mentioned divas, are more experiences and expertise put in practice improving the techniques of top quality performance. However, “Jina” is a very promising album.

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